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Owner and founder of vteryoung gemstones

location :Voi

Country :Kenya 

Our main office located in maghamba house 2nd floor opposite kenya power voi town 300kms,from kenya capital Nairobi. 

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Beautiful tsavorite

Our jumbo tsavorite the largest we've ever found Over 90carats@2017

You need tsavorites we got it. From melee to to quality


Kenya gem fair 2018

A jumbo tsavorite

Kenya tsavorite garnet

Beautiful tsavorite garnet

Pink purple Congo tourmaline

FLAWLESS tsavorite

Colorless white tourmaline

Orange tourmalines



Seafoam Congo tourmaline




Bie color Congo tourmaline


Mints & seafoams

30grams seafoam tourmaline

Umbalite top grade

Malaya garnet


Tanga Tanzania garnets

Orange garnets

Purple garnets 2018 edition


Malaya garnet

Blue green sapphire




Parcels of clean tsavorites

Red spinel

In a tsavorite mine

Violet garnet 2018 edition

Glossular garnets

Getting ready for tucson 2018


Beautiful tsavorite garnet

Jumbo tsavorite

Glossular mint garnet

At my booth TUCSON 2018

Beautiful cut tanzanites

Some of the purplish garnets we found this year from tanzania

Tanzania purplish garnet


our customer happy with this purpish tanzania garnets after cutting them

Beautiful morogoro tanzania tourmaline

One of rarest stone weve ever found THE WHITE GARNET

Tanzania purple Garnet

Cut purple tanzania garnet

Tanzania malaya garnet


Beautiful chrome tourmaline Origin kenya

Kenyan chrome tourmaline

We are Legally registered and operational


Medium color tsavorites

Beautiful  purple garnet

Beautiful umbalite rodholite garnet

Pyropes from kenya-tanzania border was also another stone we made efforts in 2016.being a new mine we were luck to have the best top quality stones with pieces of upto 500carats single piece.

see below the pyrope garnets


Busy selecting top quality chrome tourmalines from Kenya

Mahange garnets that made our customers happy in every purchase they did from us

Here is part of the most top quality stones we found on our Tanzania. Gem hunting trip2016. Clean 60carats mahenge

Facet rough

Mahenge garnet

more from our store

Photos from our Congo gem hunting trip

Best tourmalines 

Tsavorites our main stone

Due to many customers we got for tsavorites we decided to Make tsavorites our key main stone. Below are some of the top collection we had 2015/2016 

Mahenge spinels

Beautiful color shifting garnets

This 1.8grams mahenge spinel made my customer happy

Beautiful tsavorite for carving

Beautiful color shifting garnet

Awesome malaya/mahenge garnets

Vter young collection

Tanzanites cut no heat

Tanzanites cut AAA


Beautiful mahenge garnets

Mahenge garnets

World class tsavorite. 16carats.

Mahenge color change garnet

Tsavorite Origin Voi kenya

Super glossular garnet

Beautiful orange tourmaline

Supper Tanzania scapolite

Morogoro garnets

Tanzania beauties Garnets

Los Angeles a day before tucson 2018

Gjx 2018

Tanzania Malaya garnets

Buying from a local miner in kuranze kenya

Mint glossular garnets

Amazing garnets


Chrome tourmaline

Kasigau chasing chrome tourmaline


Tanzania Malaya garnets

Congo tourmaline

Orange tourmalines

Tanzanian purple garnet

Mirerani mint

There is no video clip yet

Umba garnets

A jumbo garnet from morogoro Tanzania

Lovely kenyan tsavorites

Buying directly from the source it's an amazing feeling

An amazing ruby parcel we bought in our morogoro hunting trip

Top quality mirerani mint garnet

Top quality garnets from Tanzania Flawless

Blue garnets supper clean

A jumbo garnet from morogoro Tanzania

Awesome garnets Origin Tanzania

Vter young  trip to tanga Tanzania

Morogoro mountains where the Secrets of garnets lies

Strawberry garnets

Tanga ziricon

Beautiful mahenge peach garnet

I like it when a customer brings a nice tsavorite parcel

Mahenge malaya peach garnet

Tanzania garnets

Mirerani mint garnet

Kenyan orange tourmaline

Tanzania sigida ziricons

Mozambique purple garnet

Mozambique aquamarine facet rough

Mahenge spinel

Arusha 2017

Tanzania ziricon